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Antonio and Martin

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Antonio de Luca walks in to find hunky young Martin Hovor relaxing on the sofa. Antonio leans over and plants a deep passionate kiss on Martin’s lips before pulling off Martin’s shirt. Antonio retrieves a bottle of lube and has Martin roll over. He begins massaging the oil into Martin’s back. Martin rolls over and Antonio pulls off Martin’s jeans and underwear. Martin’s cock is fully woody and Antonio wastes no time swallowing every long, hard inch of it. When he finally strips out of his clothes; Antonio is already excited as he gets back to orally pleasing Martin’s manhood. Before long Martin is on his knees servicing Antonio’s cock; burying his face deep into Antonio’s crotch. When our two studs are ready for some cock in butt action Martin lubes up his dick and Antonio climbs on top. He lowers himself slowly onto Martin’s thick piece of meat; his hole getting spread wide. Martin bends Antonio over the sofa, drives his cock back in and proceeds to give Antonio a serious ass pounding. Martin goes over the edge first; pulling his cock out of Antonio’s ass he squirts his thick load of love juice all over Antonio’s rock-hard abs. Antonio strokes his own cock more intently and before long covers his own self is his thick load of jizz.
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CAUSA 596 Tariq – Part 1

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CAUSA 596 Tariq Part 1
Download or Stream CAUSA 596 Tariq - Part 1 - Click Here Now

A True Workout

Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

Before Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino are all set to hit the gym, but as all gym heads know, a quick nut beforehand doesn’t hurt. The boys get things heated up when they begin to kiss. Tanner cock is already growing in his shorts before they remove their clothes. Once Drake lies own it, he can’t help himself, he gets on his knees and gets right to work sucking it down. The boys switch places and Tanner gets on his knees next giving Drake some hot oral.

They move to the bed where Tanner props his ass up in front of Drake. He slowly slides his raw cock inside and begin to dick him down. Tanner strokes his own hard dick while he gets pounded from behind, his toes curl as his hole is penetrated over and over. Tanner’s bubble butt has me foaming at the mouth as I watch it get worked over by Drake. They flip and it’s Drake who’s getting his ass stretched by Tanner’s fat cock. Drake straddles Tanner and lowers his ass onto Tanner’s dick, taking every inch of that meat up his tight hole and riding his reverse cowboy, bouncing up and down. Drake is a true bottom and he knows how to take dick. After switching positions, Tanner fucks until that ass has him ready to nut. He pulls out and cums all over Drake who soon follows suit with his own jizzy load.

Drake Tyler and Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

Greg Noll

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Greg Noll arrived for his workout before his trainer and decided to take advantage of an empty gym for a different kind of workout with his favorite friend. The growing bulge in his underwear is quite pronounced as tosses his clothes to the floor. Taking off his shorts reveals a thick, long, uncut piece of man-meat. Greg sits down spread eagle on the workout mat - his balls hanging low and heavy. His rock-hard cock is thick and standing at attention when he grabs it and starts stroking. As he works his meat, his tight set of balls bounce with the rhythm of the stroking. Greg moves over to the workout bench where he continues his little jerk fest. When he feels himself getting to the edge, he lays back on the mat and shoots gobs of thick, juicy jizz onto his tight young torso.
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Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 – Brent Corrigan and Skyy Knox

Rogue (Skyy Knox) was a sex slave, but he turned his back on his master, The Devil and became Earthbound. After stumbling into a crowded bar, Rogue finds his personal angel: Lucky (Brent Corrigan), an angelic gogo dancer. It’s true love at first sight, and the power of their love frees Rogue from his enslavement by the Devil. Rogue, overwhelmed with gratitude, kisses Lucky passionately. Removing their clothing, Lucky wraps his lips around Rogue’s huge cock. Switching places, Rogue slathers spit along the shaft of Lucky’s cock, then uses his fingers to probe inside Lucky’s tight hole, then gives Lucky a taste. Lucky throws his legs in the air, and Rogue presses his face between Lucky’s ass cheeks. Flipping places, Lucky reciprocates. Sliding his tongue along Rogue’s crack, then rubbing his cock right down the center. Slowly at first, then picking up speed, Lucky starts fucking Rogue doggy style. Their hard muscles flex and bend as they grind their bodies together. As Lucky lays back on the bed, Rogue uses his powerful legs to raise and lower himself on Lucky’s hard cock. Standing up by the side of the bed, Rogue drives his hard member into Lucky. The incredible sensations of Rogue’s cock inside him gets Lucky ready to blow. He strokes his cock and cums into Rogue’s mouth, who then snowballs it back to Lucky with slow, tender kisses. Kneeling over Lucky’s face, Rogue shoots his load right into Lucky’s open mouth.

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