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Badpuppy – Daniel Licon

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Latin newcomer Daniel Licon lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he goes to college and works a part time bartender gig at a local club. Our producer happened to visit the club on the last night before Daniel was to leave for a holiday. The two talked and Daniel found out a little about the adult industry. He expressed interest in getting naked and jerking off in front of the camera. He was working in only a pair of skimpy underwear; so, he apparently had no qualms about stripping down and showing off his tight, athletic body. The thought of jerking off in front of the camera really turned him on; so, what was our producer to do; but make it happen. When Daniel arrives, he’s ready to go and out of his clothes in no time. His cock is rock hard, ready to be stroked and from the looks of his balls; this dude’s already ready to bust his nut. It becomes crystal clear very quickly that Daniel is into the producer as he winds up sucking on his cock while he’s jerking his own. Having that cock in his mouth was all Daniel needed to send him over the top. His body tightens and his cock starts sending loads of thick jizz squirting up onto his chest and all down his six-pack abs.

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CAUSA 588 Aiden

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Aiden | 23 | 6’4? | 180# | 6.5? | Auburn Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight and Sexploring

Blink once for “yes,” and twice for “no.” At the point that your eyelids are fluttering like a Hummingbird’s wings…
Please welcome to the CAUSA massage table, new hottie Ginger, Aiden — who cums to us via our friends at Zack Randell.
Aiden is a conundrum to both myself, and I believe, to himself.
With clearly defined expectations in his mind’s eye coming into the shoot, I believe his sexperience moves him closer to his own authenticity (once I move him out of the mindspace that this sexual act or that sexual act is “too gay.”)
Those are not Aiden’s words but simply my perception based upon my observations of his physical responses and chosen behaviors during the shoot.
As I’ve said for the past 14 years, at the point that you’re in the middle of another man providing you sexual pleasure for the first time (in Aiden’s case, he has received a handjob from another dude prior to filming), what does it matter whether he’s going down on you, nibbling at your nipples, rubbing your taint, and / or sliding a finger into your virgin manhole?
You’re here, Blanche. Might as well fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the bumpy ride! ??
So, that pretty much defines this shoot with Aiden.
I am amused that someone whose first inquiry was whether or not he would get to watch str8 porn during the shoot, then spent the entire shoot tapping me off because he was perpetually on the verge of cumming.
Oh, these straight boys…
Gotta luv ’em cuz they bring us so much dayum pleasure (mixed in with a healthy dose of “what the fuck?”). ??
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

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Sam Hudson

Sam Hudson is a sexy lad, with a cute, bad boy type look and naturally muscular from head to toe. We start off with Sam standing, in athletic sports kit. He rubs the bulge in his shiny red shorts, and already rock solid. Giving us lots of sexy little looks, Sam lifts his top to reveal his tightly muscled torso. He has the beginnings of chest hair, but just a light smattering. He takes his top off and goes back to rubbing his crotch. Sam teases us by stroking and gripping it, showing us the shape. You can tell there is some nice girth there! He pulls down his shorts and, in his white undies, his dick is so hard it strains against the fabric. He shows it off with another sexy look, then takes off his undies. His cock springs out, thick and throbbing, with plenty of foreskin. Sam works his foreskin back and forth over the end of his dick. He skillfully drops a big blob of spit onto it, and rubs it in gently, giving us some good foreskin close ups. Sam is clearly a bit of an exhibitionist and puts on a great show. He reaches for the lube and liberally coats his cock. Sam gives us some horny hands free shots, too! Moving to the sofa, he lays back, holding up his cock. His pecs and abs look awesome as he varies his cock play, keeping it interesting. You can tell he is very turned on performing before the camera and showing off his fit body and perfect cock. As he gets close to shooting his load, he jerks off harder, his breathing loud and heavy. And then he spunks, shooting hard, with the first couple of squirts going up his chest. As he keep on pumping, the jizz splatters all over his tight six pack. We see it twice, first in real time then in slo-mo. Sam continues to squeeze out the remaining drops of sticky cum as he gets his breath back, giving us a final horny look.

Gaymers – Daymin Voss and Eddy Ceetee

Daymin Voss and Eddy Ceetee are characters in a video game. After getting clobbered and coming to a full stop game over ending, Eddy approaches Daymin who is splayed out on the ground in the losing position. In a show of solidarity and to make amends, Eddy grabs Daymin’s hand and helps him to stand up. The electric attraction is evident immediately and the two cyber-hunks start making out as Daymin reaches for Eddy’s bulging crotch. Daymin wants to show his appreciation for helping him off the ground and gets on his knees to service Eddy’s big veiny cock. Eddy fucks his face as his big full balls slap on Daymin’s chin. After getting his fill of cock in his mouth, Daymin bends Eddy over to eat his hairy ass. He tongue fucks his cyber-opponent until his hole is open and ready for a deeper penetration. Daymin stands up and gives Eddy a special treat when his slides his hard cock deep into the begging stud. Daymin pounds Eddy into submission until Eddy decides that he wants a go at Daymin’s tight hunky ass. Daymin lies back and spreads his legs as wide as they’ll go. His hole is ready and he can’t wait for Eddy to fill him up. Eddy gives Daymin exactly what he needs and fucks the living hell out of Daymin’s back door making Daymin explode all over his own fuzzy stomach. When Eddy sees all the cream from Daymin, he pulls out and blows a massive sticky load all over Daymin’s pool of jizz.

Route 69 – Ryan Rose and Fane Roberts

Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts stop at a diner on ‘Route 69’ for a quick bite to eat but when Fane gets a look at the waiter, Ryan Rose, he knows there will be more on the menu than just his lunch. Dustin excuses himself to hit the bathroom and when he’s away, Ryan explodes a soda all over Fane, soaking his shirt and jeans. Embarrassed at his own clumsiness, Ryan helps Fane out of his shirt and starts cleaning him up by patting down his pants. When Ryan cops a feel of Fane’s hard cock, the fireworks start and Ryan immediately gets to work sucking on Fane’s thick pole. The sight of the muscle stud in front of him is a fantasy that, until now, Fane had only daydreamed about. ‘Let me get a taste of that ass,’ Ryan says as Fane happily bends over. Ryan is hungry and greedily eats Fane out with unparalleled passion. His tongue feels good opening Fane up and when Ryan senses that his customer is ready for the main dish, he slips his rock-hard dick deep into Fane’s tight back door. Ryan plows the patron over the back of a chair as both studs grunt and groan. Ryan wants to see Fane’s face so he clears a table with his arm and throws Fane down facing up. He continues to plow Fane’s tight hole, hitting all the right spots, until Fane erupts with a load cream that covers his own tight body. Ryan sees the pleasure he’s given to Fane and pulls out to deliver an order of special sauce that floods out onto Fane’s rippled abs. When Dustin returns to the table, he finds Fane sitting in a happy daze…daydreaming again!

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