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Jack Black



5Jack Black made his way to the Badpuppy couch to give us a sexy solo scene. Jack is a handsome, rugged young man of few words and when he drops those pants it is clear to us why he skips the small talk and gets right down to business. Jack starts off the scene by rubbing on his well developed chest and pinching his nipples. Tugging on his cock through his jeans, getting himself nice and horny, he puts on a seductive little show as he turns around and slowly pulls down his pants to reveal a muscular bubble butt! We are then treated to Jacks thick uncut cock as he strokes himself to full attention. Jack’s muscular legs & full hairy balls give us fantasies that he is more than willing to fulfill! His manly moans of pleasure add to the fun while we watch him play with his swollen cock head and tight man hole. Jack Black lets go with a massive cumshot that nearly reaches the other end of the room! Enjoy!



CAUSA 492 Tate



Tate | 27 | 5’10” | 205# | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | 7.5? | Straight & Sexploring

0When Tate got in touch a couple of weeks ago indicating his interest in returning to CAUSA video, admittedly, I had to take pause because of a conversation we shared last year in which he disclosed that he had gotten married & put on some weight. Now, for me personally, given my lifelong struggle to achieve a healthy weight, Tate’s revelation, per se, was of no consequence. I’ve always had a broad definition of beauty and sexy is as sexy does. Unfortunately, I work in an industry where my definitions don’t map to the broader populace (especially within the community & consumers of my content). As I have been hurtfully aware since coming of age in the late 80s, in the gay community only the pretty people get to have pretty, perfect sex — especially when provided as a commodity and / or service.
Well, that was up until my return to producing & the role of Casey Black in August 2011 where for the first time in my “adult” career I heard directly from all of you via social media apps such as Grindr & Scruff (my usage of Jack’d, Hornet, & GROWLr came later). The resounding message that I heard was that through me, my content for ClubAmateurUSA provided hope & confidence to other men — and yes, teenage boys, as well — who didn’t fit the “ideal” expectations of our community. To hear that CAUSA videos helped coming-of-age “gaybies” (although they should not have been viewing my content prior to turning 18 years of age) to find the courage to accept their physical state of being as is, well, it was emotionally overwhelming, inspiring, & another life’s lesson for me.
So, with Tate’s renewed interest, I again had to face those preconceived notions & attitudes that defined me for many, many years & confront them head on, and his re-appearance on CAUSA today should provide everyone with clear evidence that ClubAmateurUSA is truly about beauty in diversity & representative of the world in which we live.
Now, as to this shoot with Tate ten years later, I experienced deja vu several times throughout filming — having forgotten just how sensitive Tate’s cockhead truly is. Additionally, I pushed him to his limits several times during the prostate play.
Recalling Tate’s first four shoots from November 2005 to February 2007, I knew & know that one of his biggest challenges is relinquishing control. So, my goal going into this his fifth shoot for ClubAmateurUSA so many years later was to take that control from him. It was a struggle for us both & finally required an active dialog on my part for Tate to finally let go, let god. Resistance is futile. ;)
Overall, Tate’s sensitivity & introduction to direct prostate stimulation makes for one helluva video & return to the CAUSA massage table. So, from a very barely-legal (12 days after his 18th birthday), heavy-hangin’ 18 year old to a 27 year old, heavy-hangin’ cub, I am proud to re-introduce Tate to all of you — ClubAmateurUSA’s newest “cHUNK”!
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©



Morning Sausage



3Four of BadPuppy’s hottest models are up early on a lazy day with not much to do, and what’s the best way for a group of young, horny studs to fill their time? Look underneath their towels and surely something will pop up! These four hotties sit around admiring each other’s cocks, and stroking themselves to full erection until finally they can hold back no longer, and the cocksucking begins. There’s no shortage of hard, uncut meat with these four. The group moans and groans as they each get a turn to feast on each other’s perfect dicks. After sucking, rimming, and jacking their way to some explosive cumshots, it is soon time for these BadPuppies to take things to the next level. Two of the boys bend over to let their partners work some magic on their smooth assholes. A few minutes of tongue lashing, and the boys are eager to get those big hard cocks in some tight spaces. The orgy ensues with cock riding, loud moaning, deep dicking action! Enjoy watching these four young hotties expertly fuck their way to multiple cumshots and ending in sweaty satisfaction! Enjoy!



His Son’s Best Friend



Nick Capra passes his former student, Colton Grey, as he’s driving down the road. Colton is hitchhiking into town, looking for work, because his dad got evicted from his house. Nick can’t resist Colton’s puppy dog eyes and he lets the boy stay in his guest room while he gets back on his feet. Nick starts talking about how in the school days he wasn’t able to talk to Colton about his feelings for ethical reasons. Colton is confused by what Nick is saying, until his former teacher leans in a starts kissing him, promising him a place to stay if he cooperates. Nick and Colton start making out, and Nick pushes the smaller boy down on the guest room bed. The guys start taking off their clothes and Nick starts playing with Colton’s nipple and kissing down his chest. He sucks on the boys toes while his raging boner presses against his jeans. Nick takes Colton’s thick man meat into his mouth.Then Nick fucks Colton hard on the bed, shoving him into the mattress. The two guys finish in a screaming orgasm, and while Nick sleeps it off, Colton sneaks out.




mffhq1276_myles_01 - Copy


Cute hunk Myles is back and once again he blesses us with his super sexy socks and size 11 bare feet. He’s so cool and and laid back and I sure love his gray and black socks, too. Myles has the sweetest smile and his alluring eyes are almost enough to make a dude like me hard. Of course, his gorgeous feet and socks make me hard for sure!







Naked Sword


UK Hot Jocks

Bareback Time



Blake Mason

William Higgins