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Classic CAUSA 066 Liam

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Liam | 22 | 6’5″ | 215# | 7.0″ | Auburn Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight and Sexploring | Originally aired August 2004

Today’s “Liam – Round Two” brings to a close the fearless friends Liam and Freddie whose appearances on ClubAmateurUSA changed the course of the site in terms of its success. In 2017, Liam turned 35, and is still living in the Valley. As I wrote about him many years ago, Liam’s participation in CAUSA videos changed the course of his life in that a couple of years after this last video, Liam emailed me to share that he’d been partnered with another man for about a year and was learning to love and accept himself as a gay man. So, from his first shoot to his second and beyond, an awakening within him occurred. That’s pretty awesome, and here’s my analysis of this shoot from August 2004:
You’ve got a boatload of irony when you’re doing everything within your power to elicit a specific response from someone, and unbeknownst to you, that person has made a conscious decision not to give such a response and is concentrated effort to not do so. Thus, my “Round Two” shoot with Liam…
At the end of the shoot, I commented to Liam that I thought he was more nervous this time than he was his first time. That’s when he told me that he was concentrating to not be as loud.
Well, phuq… And there I was having spent the previous 45 minutes trying to get him to moan and groan and gasp and thrash and do all of those things that made his “A Rug and A Tug” shoot so phenomenal. Sassafrassin’…
So, I emailed Liam to find out why he chose to be less vocal and was concentrating to be so. Here’s what he had to say back to me:
No my reason for not being as vocal this time was not that intentional. I was concentrating on the experience more than anything, it was something so new to me i did not really know how to react. In the first shoot i kind of knew what to expect a little massage and then a jack off session, with the round two i had a guy giving me head plus licking my asshole so it was really different especially every time i felt the goatee that would really send you on a loop. Then of course i had to concentrate on not blowing my load too early cause i had not jacked off in so long and i was eager to let it go. I think that should sum it all up if not let me know and i will fill in the blanks.
Guess that does sum it up, but I suspect that the vocality (yes, I just made up a new word, and I like it. lol) in Liam’s first video would lead anyone watching it to believe that the str8 guy enjoyed himself a little too much. So, there may be some subconscious reverse psychology to not give too many visual and audible indicators — to not be “too gay,” as it were.
Shortly after Freddie’s “Round Two” video appeared on the site, his communication with me became very matter of fact and infrequent. Then I received an email that he was removing me from his “Network” on our favorite sex and swingers’ site. I was told that there was a new roommate in the apartment, and Freddie wanted to keep a low profile regarding their adult video activities.
Okay, I could buy that…
But still in the back of my mind, I felt that something was amiss. Liam was to have been in touch to schedule his “Round Two” shoot, and I didn’t hear from him. Then toward the end of July, I got an email from Freddie that basically said, “Fuck it, I don’t care what people say.” So, of course, I knew then that my suspicions had been correct. There were issues with others and what the guys were doing on video.
So, I was surprised when two weeks ago, I received email from Liam saying that he was ready for his second shoot. We scheduled it for last Sunday, but he didn’t arrive back into town till late.
Luckily, one of my already-scheduled shoots for yesterday (Sunday) was a dud, and I was able to squeeze Liam in the afternoon after I received email from him stating that he was available and ready. One of the first things that I learned from Doug over at ASG is that you shoot when the…uhm…iron is hot, so to speak. When a straight guy is in the right mindset to do more on video, you grab the camera and get to work. If you delay a day or more, you may find that the str8 guy has come to his senses and decided against letting the gay guy play with him on video. LOL
Since Liam had not gotten off in four days, his cawk was raring to go regardless of the fact that mentally he was holding himself back (on several different levels). A couple of times, I opened my eyes and glanced up to find Liam looking down watching me swallow his cawk. DAYUM!
Enjoy Liam’s much more subdued “Round Two”! At least we know from his email response, he was enjoying himself (sans the goatee) and concentrating to not cum too early.
Please note that when Liam emailed me two weeks ago and we setup the original shoot time, I asked him not to shave his pubes. So, he’s got a nice two week patch of growth down below. You’re welcome. LOL!
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

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Badpuppy – Nathan and Koby

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19 year-old Koby Lewis wants some of 28 year-old Italian stud Nathan Raider’s huge manhood, and he makes it very clear from the very beginning. So much so that he stops the interview, demands that Nathan stands up and pull IT out so Koby can take a GANDER at it. Koby’s eyes say it all, he is definitely impressed and let’s just say the interview did not last much longer because these two young studs were positively ready to get down to business. Nathan is the first out of his clothes with Koby on his knees servicing his huge cock. Nathan soon lifts Koby to his feet and begins licking and kissing Koby’s chiseled, rock-hard abs before he gets to Koby’s cock, standing straight up with anticipation. Nathan swallows it all, gagging on its length; but, enjoying every single inch. They move over to the sofa where Koby face-fucks Nathan’s mouth before they wind up in a very hot sixty-nine session. Nathan’s ready for some ass and he bends Koby over the sofa and shoves his tongue deep into Koby’s hole prepping it for his huge piece of meat. Nathan pounds the hell out of Koby, in multiple hot positions until Koby just can’t take it anymore and he lets loose a creamy, thick load of jizz all over his abs. Nathan pulls his cock out and the cum starts spewing all over Koby’s ball sack, dripping down to his ass. Koby’s not done; however, he grabs his still hard cock; and, with a few intense strokes he is spritzing cum all over his abs for the second time.

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Action! Part 1

Find out what major porn star Rocky Oliveira offers to trespassing fans Bruno Jones and Marko Brenos, and how the three of them end up in an unforgettable fuck sandwich!

Fire and Ice – Josh Conners and Alex Mecum

Josh Conners has a smooth, round bubble butt that ripped stud Alex Mecum wants to savor. After swapping some spit, and swallowing Alex’s 8.5′ hole stretcher, Josh bends over to submit his hungry hole to Alex’s talented tongue and fingers. Alex inserts his thumb and his tongue into Josh’s ass to drive him over the edge. After teasing Josh’s willing hole by sliding his massive meat up and down his crack, Alex eases his cock in, inch by inch, until Josh’s hole is entirely filled. Temperatures rise even higher when Alex removes his massive cock and replaces it with a long, prostate massager. Switching positions to reach greater depths, Josh rides Alex as he alternates between his cock and the massager until Josh squirts a wad onto Alex’s scruffy, rock-hard abs. Alex can’t hold back his pent up load any longer and launches a gigantic stream of cum across Josh’s smooth ass.

Newbies Going At It

Brenden's Cock Deep Inside Preston

Brenden’s Cock Deep Inside Preston

The new boys, Brenden Steel and Preston Scott are going to have to join forces today to make a great scene. I, for one, am excited. Two guys still learning can be a hot encounter to watch. They boys begin meekly by simply feeling each other and moving in for a slow make out session. When the guys finally make it out of their clothes, Brenden takes it upon himself to go down on Preston first. He’s a little timid at first but takes more and more of Brenden’s shaft as he gets comfortable. The boys switch places and Preston gets his shot at sucking cock. He delivers. His skills are coming along nicely, evidenced by Brenden’s moaning.

Brenden goes from warming his cock in Presten’s mouth to using his ass after putting him on his side. Brenden goes balls deep in Preston’s hot ass from the beginning. He uses long strokes to pound Preston. Preston takes it, even as Brenden begins to bang him harder and faster. Preston not only takes it but he relishes the fuck down he’s getting. So much so that at one point he wraps his legs around Brenden as he continues to deliver the cock. By the time these two are done I can say with all confidence that they’re no longer newbies!

Brenden’s Cock Deep Inside Preston

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