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Badpuppy – Daniel Licon TAGS: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Latin newcomer Daniel Licon lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he goes to college and works a part time bartender gig at a local club. Our producer happened to visit the club on the last night before Daniel was to leave for a holiday. The two talked and Daniel found out a little about the adult industry. He expressed interest in getting naked and jerking off in front of the camera. He was working in only a pair of skimpy underwear; so, he apparently had no qualms about stripping down and showing off his tight, athletic body. The thought of jerking off in front of the camera really turned him on; so, what was our producer to do; but make it happen. When Daniel arrives, he’s ready to go and out of his clothes in no time. His cock is rock hard, ready to be stroked and from the looks of his balls; this dude’s already ready to bust his nut. It becomes crystal clear very quickly that Daniel is into the producer as he winds up sucking on his cock while he’s jerking his own. Having that cock in his mouth was all Daniel needed to send him over the top. His body tightens and his cock starts sending loads of thick jizz squirting up onto his chest and all down his six-pack abs.

Badpuppy – Jeffrey Lloyd TAGS: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Jeffrey Lloyd makes a return visit to Badpuppy in a solo performance allowing us to get a little more intimate with his rather impressive assets. His chest is perfectly sculpted with just a hint of fur. He pulls down his shorts enough to expose his two perfect globes. His ass is perfectly round and just looking to get fucked. When he turns around and starts to pull down his shorts, you could just tell by the size of his bulge that his cock is fully aroused and looking for some attention. Jeffrey’s long, thick piece of meat literally springs out of his underwear as he pulls them down. Sitting back down on the sofa; he takes his cock in hand and begins jacking his dick as he tweaks his nipples with the other hand. We get a really hot ass show as Jeffrey turns around on the sofa, spread his legs and opens his ass as wide as he can; his long, thick cock fucking the sofa pillow. Jeffrey rolls over on the sofa and goes about abusing his cock until he blows a thick creamy load of jizz all over his furry, ripped tummy.

Badpuppy – Peter and Mark TAGS: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Peter Lipnik is doing pushups in the park when Mark Fontana walks by. As he does, Mark catches a glimpse of Peter’s hot body and decides to sit down in a nearby chair to observe what Peter is doing. Peter notices that Mark is watching him so he motions him over. After a brief introduction the two decide they want to head off for a little sexual hookup. The passion builds quickly as they rip off each other shirts. Mark has one thing on his mind. He wants Peter’s cock; so he quickly helps Peter out of his shorts and swallows his cock as quickly as quickly as he can get his mouth around it. He works his magic on Peter until Peter needs for him to stop he’ll shoot his load too early. Peter directs Mark back on the bed and after Mark slides off his underwear; Peter makes a beeline for Mark’s long, thick cock. After an intense sixty-nine session Mark bends over the bed so that Peter can shove his rock-hard cock deep into his waiting ass. Mark takes quite the pounding; but, he’s got a surprise for Peter. He has Peter lay back on the bed, pushes one of his legs back and slowly pushes his cock deep into Peter’s hole. These two studs go at it hard until they can’t take it anymore. Peter is the first to lose it as he blows a thick load of jizz all over his stomach while Mark continues to pound his ass. Mark quickly pulls out and squirts a healthy amount of his own creamy cum all over Peter’s cum-drenched cock and hand.

Badpuppy – James Huck TAGS: | | | | | | | | | We last saw James Huck on Badpuppy last February in his duo with Tony Hall, and this time around it’s just James in all of sexy, studly splendor. Sitting back on the sofa James slowly takes off his shirt and shorts. His body is incredible. He grabs a bottle of lube, opens it and squirts a healthy amount onto his chest. He slides his way off the sofa, onto the floor where he kneels and begins to sensually rub the oil into his ripped six-pack abs and chest. Periodically his hands slip down to feel his cock; still confined in his underwear. He slips off his underwear, sits down on the sofa, grabs his cock and begins stroking. I can tell he’s a little nervous; but, once he gets over the fact that there are cameras pointed at him his cock gets rock hard. He pounds at his dick long and hard, periodically pulling his legs back so he can get his fingers up his ass; teasing his hole everything his finger went in. When he’s ready to get off; James lies back on the sofa and squirts a generous load of cum all over those rock-hard abs of his.

Badpuppy – Kovy Donovan TAGS: | | | | | | | | | | Kovy Donovan called out of the blue one night letting me know that he was in town for 24 hours and would like to hook up. He is just out of the military and I’ve not seen him in person for 2 years. He claims he has been working out really hard and he felt he was ready to be in front of the camera. When I opened the door and saw this strapping young man; built like a brick house, my jaw hit the floor. He had certainly bulked up over the last 2 years. He came in and after a brief catch-up Kovy was ready to get down to business. He very seductively; but, quickly pulls off his shirt, pants and underwear. His cock is already rock hard and from the smile on his face and the look in his eye I believe he’s enjoying being in front of the camera. Kovy lies back on the bed; grabs his cock and begins to pleasure himself. He rolls over; his ass in the air with his legs spread wide open. His asshole is just begging for a tongue to be buried in it. Lying back on the pillows Kovy spreads his legs again, grabs his cock with one hand and starts working his tight little hole with his other hand. He gives us quite the show; but, as his balls tighten Kovy’s eyes roll back in his head and squirts a thick load of thick, creamy jizz all over his six-pack stomach.

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