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Badpuppy – Nathan and Koby TAGS: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 19 year-old Koby Lewis wants some of 28 year-old Italian stud Nathan Raider’s huge manhood, and he makes it very clear from the very beginning. So much so that he stops the interview, demands that Nathan stands up and pull IT out so Koby can take a GANDER at it. Koby’s eyes say it all, he is definitely impressed and let’s just say the interview did not last much longer because these two young studs were positively ready to get down to business. Nathan is the first out of his clothes with Koby on his knees servicing his huge cock. Nathan soon lifts Koby to his feet and begins licking and kissing Koby’s chiseled, rock-hard abs before he gets to Koby’s cock, standing straight up with anticipation. Nathan swallows it all, gagging on its length; but, enjoying every single inch. They move over to the sofa where Koby face-fucks Nathan’s mouth before they wind up in a very hot sixty-nine session. Nathan’s ready for some ass and he bends Koby over the sofa and shoves his tongue deep into Koby’s hole prepping it for his huge piece of meat. Nathan pounds the hell out of Koby, in multiple hot positions until Koby just can’t take it anymore and he lets loose a creamy, thick load of jizz all over his abs. Nathan pulls his cock out and the cum starts spewing all over Koby’s ball sack, dripping down to his ass. Koby’s not done; however, he grabs his still hard cock; and, with a few intense strokes he is spritzing cum all over his abs for the second time.

Badpuppy – Bailey Baxter TAGS: | | | | | | | 23 year old Bailey Baxter is traveling, he’s stuck in his hotel room with nowhere to go and he’s completely bored. But he’s horny, and he knows at least one thing he can do for fun. He stands before us caressing his body thru his clothes before slowly raising his tank top, to reveal a perfectly trimmed pleasure trail and a beautifully sculpted body. He’s not too muscular, but he does work out and takes care of himself… and it shows. He continues to rub his cock through his shorts, and then finally reaches down inside to touch the hot and expanding flesh. Finally he peels off the tank top, continuing to caress his taught body and admire his flexing muscles. He gets rid of the shorts, and as he pulls down the waistband of his briefs, we see that his perfectly trimmed pleasure trail leads to a perfectly trimmed bush. His hardening cock finally springs free of the briefs, and now Bailey really starts to rub and tug his manhood. He moves to the bed, kneeling in front of us, giving us a tasty view of his wonderfully sculpted ass and a tight, furry hole that is just aching to have a cock shoved in it; but, we’ll leave that for another day. He bends over and jerks off like this for a little while; teasing us with his huge, smooth balls as they rock back and forth to the rhythm of his stroking. My mouth started to water watching this, wanting so badly to give those sexy orbs a thorough tongue bath. Bailey then spins around and stands up, once again showing us his perfectly proportioned and toned body as he brings himself closer to climax. He finally lies back in his favorite jerk-off position, with a full manspread, and really goes to work feverishly stroking his cock. As he reaches his peak, we see his balls tighten up and he strokes out a tasty, creamy load all over that perfect pleasure trail. Spent, he continues to caress himself as he wonders what to do next. That’s when he remembers the huge dildo that he packed in his suitcase, which starts the blood flowing again…

Badpuppy – Gabriel Phoenix TAGS: | | | | | | | | | 27 year-old, London-born Gabriel Phoenix makes a return visit to Badpuppy and performs his first solo video. During the interview, we learn that Gabriel is primarily gay, likes the hunky, jock type and would prefer to dominate if possible; but, will bottom for the right guy. Gabriel pulls off his shirt; his furry chest is ripped and chiseled from working out. It becomes obvious that he can’t wait to get out of his underwear. He bends over the sofa, pulls the back of his underwear down just far enough to give us a view of his freshly hairless ass. It’ not long before his underwear hits the floor and Gabriel is sitting on the sofa with his rock-hard cock in his hand. He strokes his long, thick cock with one hand and fingers his hole with the other; keeping his cock stiff and his nuts tight. Gabriel lies back on the sofa; one hand tweaking his nipples as the other hand continues to pound his meat. His nuts tighten farther, his body coils up and his cock starts spraying jizz all over his stomach, chest and the sofa. As the last squirts of cum rush out, Gabriel starts to relax on the sofa wiping the cum down his furry chest.

Badpuppy's Casey and Pierce

Badpuppy – Casey and Pierce TAGS: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Our latest video features Casey Everett returning with new comer, horse-hung Pierce Paris. From the very beginning of the video as Casey and Pierce strip each other out of their cloths it’s quite apparent that Casey is very into Pierce. Casey kneels in front of Pierce, kissing his way down Pierce’s incredible abs before he unzips his jeans and slides them to the floor. It was at that point we could tell that Pierce had something special hidden in his shorts and when Casey pulls off Pierce’s underwear he’s met with a cock that would make just about anyone cringe thinking of it ramming up their ass. Casey swallows it whole, gagging periodically as it hits the back of his throat; but, he persists none the less. Pierce spins Casey around, bends him over the sofa and shoves his tongue deep into Casey’s asshole, priming it for the huge tool he’s about to shove in it. Slowly at first, Pierce pushes his cock deep into Casey’s ass and when Casey is used to the size, Pierce begins rocking back and forth, pounding harder and faster. Pierce fucks the shit out of Casey whose own cock is rock hard from the ass spreading Pierce is delivering to his backside. The pounding continues in many positions until these two hot studs cannot take it anymore. Now this is where I need to tell you there was a wee problem with the camera and we missed Casey’s cumshot because he just could not hold it back with Pierce continuing to pound. Pierce; however, makes up for it when he pulls that thick, long cock of his out of Casey’s ass and blows thick loads of juicy cum all over Casey’s face and mouth. Casey wastes no time licking up the jizzy mess and makes sure to clean off every drop from Pierce’s cock.

Badpuppy – Danny Richards TAGS: | | | | | | | | | | Danny Richards is one of the hottest, beefiest studs we’ve seen in quite a while and he can’t wait to get out of his clothes, do a little strip-tease and give us a WANK. Watching this stud pose and tease make us appreciate the gym time he has put in to get such an incredible body. Danny strips down to his underwear, his cock rock hard already. The tip of his big, juicy cock sticks out from his shorts, the pre-cum already dripping. It does not take long for Danny to lose the underwear, grab his cock and starts jerking. His balls are tight; you can tell this dude is horny. Lying back on the bed, Danny continues pounding his hard piece of meat until he rolls over on the bed. His ass is pointed straight up with that sweet asshole fully exposed; just waiting on his fingers to tease the hole. Danny gets up from the bed, heads to the shower where he continues jerking his cock under the running shower, his body glistening from the water dripping down his ripped body. With his cock completely engorged and ready to pop, Danny heads back to the bed where after only a few strokes he is spraying a thick load of juicy cum all over his rock-hard body.

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