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23 year old Bailey Baxter is traveling, he’s stuck in his hotel room with nowhere to go and he’s completely bored. But he’s horny, and he knows at least one thing he can do for fun. He stands before us caressing his body thru his clothes before slowly raising his tank top, to reveal a perfectly trimmed pleasure trail and a beautifully sculpted body. He’s not too muscular, but he does work out and takes care of himself… and it shows. He continues to rub his cock through his shorts, and then finally reaches down inside to touch the hot and expanding flesh. Finally he peels off the tank top, continuing to caress his taught body and admire his flexing muscles. He gets rid of the shorts, and as he pulls down the waistband of his briefs, we see that his perfectly trimmed pleasure trail leads to a perfectly trimmed bush. His hardening cock finally springs free of the briefs, and now Bailey really starts to rub and tug his manhood. He moves to the bed, kneeling in front of us, giving us a tasty view of his wonderfully sculpted ass and a tight, furry hole that is just aching to have a cock shoved in it; but, we’ll leave that for another day. He bends over and jerks off like this for a little while; teasing us with his huge, smooth balls as they rock back and forth to the rhythm of his stroking. My mouth started to water watching this, wanting so badly to give those sexy orbs a thorough tongue bath. Bailey then spins around and stands up, once again showing us his perfectly proportioned and toned body as he brings himself closer to climax. He finally lies back in his favorite jerk-off position, with a full manspread, and really goes to work feverishly stroking his cock. As he reaches his peak, we see his balls tighten up and he strokes out a tasty, creamy load all over that perfect pleasure trail. Spent, he continues to caress himself as he wonders what to do next. That’s when he remembers the huge dildo that he packed in his suitcase, which starts the blood flowing again…

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CAUSA 582 Yani – Part 2

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Yani | 20 | 5’8? | 135# | 7.0? | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight and Sexploring

Back in the summer of 2014, Yani first contacted me on AFF to express his interest in participating in a video. We exchanged a couple of email wherein I shared with him the details and requirements — one of those requirements being, “you must provide currently legal, valid, state or federal photo ID for proof of age.” In his next email, Yani said that he’d have to get back to me in a couple of months after his birthday. WHOA! Big red flag! As with Tyler Aston, I made clear to him that, legally, he needed to delete his profile immediately!
Fast forward to August 2015, I received a random text, “Is this Casey?” After I replied as to who was inquiring and how I may help, the inquisitor clarified that we’d interacted on AFF under his former profile name. Instantly, I recalled with whom I was again interacting. Then legal, Yani was again interested in participating in a video. Quickly, I found that logistically it would be a challenge scheduling him because he shared access to the family vehicle and lived a fair distance from the Valley. So, our communication broke off.
Now, let’s jump ahead to present day. Recently, I received an inquisitory email on SexyJobs. I did not recognize the potential model, but with his lithe, swimmer’s build, healthy endowment, and overall great look, I moved forward getting a model app and scheduling. Once I dropped Yani’s mobile number into Google Voice, our SMS history from August 2015 popped into view, and off went my lightbulb.
In the three years since Yani and I first interacted, he’d hit the gym and grown out his hair (thus, my not recognizing him), yet his curiosity to sexplore on video stuck with him.
With his early entree into his sexual being and currently in a relationship with a 34 year old woman, I do believe that Yani has lived a full sex life in his short 20 years.
As filming and the massage began, I noticed pretty quickly his long, slender shaft expanding to full chub, and once the rimming commenced, it was evident that I had found Yani’s sweet spot. ??
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

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I Lead, You Follow

Rowan Adams and Mikah Lake

Rowan Adams and Mikah Lake

I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a teacher offer to teach me and then whip his cock out for me to suck after agreeing. These broke straight boys are so lucky! Rowan Adams offers to teach Mikah a thing or two about doing porn. Mikah happily accepts the lesson and the nice treat Rowan puts in his face. Mikah sucks and deep throats that big cock until it’s hard and wet. The boys trade places and Mikah leans back on the bed and lets Rowan give him some sweet head. Mikah moans as Rowan works his shaft over. Rowan doesn’t only focus on his dick he takes time to play with his nipples and balls.
When he’s ready to get fucked, Mikah bends over and offers his ass to Rowan. And what an ass it is! Mikah has the exact type of ass I like to fuck but its Rowan who has the pleasure of digging out those guts. Rowan doesn’t go easy on Mikah; he fucks him hard. He pounds his hole nice and raw, making that bubble butt bounce all over the place. Rowan flips Mikah over, forces Mikah’s legs across his chest, and continues to dominate and destroy his ass. Getting good dick like that usually has the same outcome: a huge load blasting from one’s cock. Mikah squirts a shit ton of cum all over himself. Rowan soon adds his own wad to the milky mix! Anyone want to volunteer to lick it up?

Rowan Adams and Mikah Lake

Tyson Tyler

Tyson Tyler is a stunning, muscular and imposing lad, standing 6’2″. He has seriously broad shoulders and a powerful body, with awesome definition from a lifetime of sport, and recently, gym. His dick is just as big. A good 8.5 inches, uncut. Starting off with an interview, Tyler tells us what type of guys he goes for and how he keeps in such great shape. Then, laying back on the sofa, Tyler starts to massage the bulge in his Adidas shorts. He lifts his top to show off spectacular abs and a powerful chest. With one hand playing with his nipple, and the other rubbing his crotch, Tyson’s bulge quickly gets rock hard. He removes his shorts and you can see his hardon bulging against the fabric of his tight white boxer briefs. He rubs and squeezes, showing us the shape of his cock. Tyson pulls off his undies then lays back again to jerk off. He reaches for some lube, pouring it over his cock and rubbing it in. It gets good and solid and he gets into a good rhythm and beats away, muscles glistening. Next, he stands to jerk off over us. We get some awesomely hot shots here, big foreskin, with close-ups too. He lets go of his dick then tenses his pelvic muscles to make his dick bounce. Very horny! He starts jerking off again, nice and slow at first, and gets himself so close to the edge, his dick really throbs! Tyson speeds up, his breathing louder and heavier as he gets closer. He keeps himself on the edge a moment, then lets go. He shoots a thick heavy load, which spurts towards us. He carries on squeezing out a few more drops of hot jizz as he catches his breath.

Wasteland – Rafael Lords and Ryan Cruz

Lost in the desert Wasteland, Rafael Lords stumbles upon a mysterious compound. He thinks he’s gotten lucky to find shelter, but out of nowhere, Ryan Cruz grabs him and warns him of the danger he’s just stepped into. Ryan promises his protection – for a price. With one look at Ryan’s ripped body and pierced nips, Rafael knows it’s a price he’s willing to pay. Dropping to his knees, Rafael stuffs Ryan’s cock down his throat and sucks with desperate intensity. Ryan returns the favor, spitting on Rafael’s cock and using his lips to stimulate the sensitive head. Saliva drips down Rafael’s shaft as Ryan strokes himself. Moving to a bed, Rafael shows off his ass to Ryan, who dives in tongue first for a taste. Slicking up his cock, Ryan pushes himself into Rafael’s eager ass. Rafael takes Ryan’s cock doggy style, and his firm ass bounces with every impact of Ryan’s powerful thrusting. Rolling over, Rafael raises his right leg into the air, allowing Ryan to pound his meat deep into Rafael’s hole. Sweat accumulates on their bodies as their fucking reaches searing intensity. As Ryan stretches the walls of Rafael’s hole, Rafael strokes his cock and shoots a massive, wet load all over his chest. Pulling out, Ryan busts his nut in a spectacular geyser, shooting multiple ropes of thick, ropey cum all the way across the room. After bending down for a kiss, Ryan and Rafael collapse back on the bed together, exhausted after their intense fuck session. When Ryan falls asleep, Rafael stealthily gets up, grabs his gear, and makes a break for it.

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