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Skuff: Rough Trade 2 – Johnny V and Adam Bryant

Muscly barber Johnny V is strapped in leather, and he’s shaving tatted hunk, Adam Bryant’s head as he strokes his cock in the barber chair. Adam’s cock and balls bulge through his constricting cock ring during the haircut. Johnny checks his work, ditches his jock and hits his knees to polish Adam’s boots and dick. Johnny lowers his wet mouth onto Adam’s hard cock as he polishes his boots. Once Adam’s cock and nutsack are coated in Johnny’s spit, Adam bends Johnny over a padded Lazy-Susan and spreads his ass open wide to slink his tongue into. Licking from the tip of Johnny’s cock, all the way up to his winking hole, Adam buries his face in between Johnny’s cheeks. With Johnny’s hole lubed up in spit, Adam glides his meat rod into Johnny’s pink center with one swift thrust. Pounding from behind, Adam holds Johnny in place by his leather harness. Johnny switches to his back and gives Adam direct access to drill his prostate. Johnny’s screams intensify until he loses control and explodes thick ropes of pearly white cum onto his washboard abs. Seeing Johnny climax sends Adam over the edge and he bursts his hot load all over the inside of Johnny’s thigh.

Badpuppy – Zeus Michaels

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Hot, hung and horny Zeus Michaels is taking advantage of an empty examining room at the doctor’s office where he works. He locks the door and lays back on the examining bed; pulling down his pants. His thick, long cock is all ready for some attention. He pulls on it, stroking it slowly as it gets thicker and harder in his hand. Pulling off his shirt, Zeus gets off the bed and grabs a tube of lube sitting nearby. He squirts a healthy amount onto his cock and immediately gets back to pleasuring himself. Do you want some of that hot ass? Zeus is definitely ready to give it to you. He gets up on the examining bed face down with his legs spread, his asshole open and ready for some attention. Rolling over, Zeus continues jerking his cock while laying back on the bed. His smooth balls are tight and the head of his cock looks like it’s about to burst as he squirts a thick load of jizz all over his chest and stomach. He’s not about to let any of that sweet goodness go to waste as he scoops up his cum and licks it from his hand.

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Romeo Gets Taken Down

Rick Hazard Dominated Romeo James’ Ass

Rick Hazard Dominated Romeo James’ Ass

Romeo James back and to give him a nice warm welcome is none other than one of our sexiest newbies, Rick Hazard. These boys practically attack each others’ faces when they begin to make out. Rick is quick to drop to his knees. He takes Romeo’s cock into his mouth and begins to suck on it like he’s been thinking about it for days. Romeo is so impressed with Rick’s oral skills that he then offers him his ass to eat. Rick buries his face between Romeo’s ass and eats that hole before lubing up and shoving his cock in it.

Rick pushes his prick in and out of Romeo’s tight hole and as Rick fucks him, Romeo grabs his balls and plays with them as he takes that dick. Romeo loves the feeling of having that cock deep in his ass. Rick spreads Romeo’s legs wide open, burying that big dick as deep as he can in Romeo’s ass and pushing every inch of his cock into Romeo until Romeo shoots his cum all over himself.  Romeo turns over and takes Rick’s cock from behind, getting his ass pounded a little longer until Rick pulls out and unloads his cum across Romeo’s back!

Rick Hazard Dominated Romeo James’ Ass

Harley Everett and Ryan Days

All you who like Dads ‘n Lads are gonna love this scorcher: cute young rugby lad Ryan Days gets dominated by huge skinhead bodybuilder Harley Everett in this hot video! Muscle dad and lad start on the sofa, with Ryan rubbing Harley’s bulge as they kiss. Harley lifts his sports vest and tells Ryan to suck his nipples. He flexes his big bicep and tells Ryan to lick his armpit. Being an obedient lad who loves to please a big older guy, Ryan does everything he is told. Harley shoves Ryan’s head down on his throbbing bulge, then reaches over him to pull down his shorts, exposing his smooth solid rugby butt. Harley rubs his hole, then pulls his cheeks apart and spits into his hole. Harley pushes a finger in, then two, and massages his hole quite rough, giving it a good stretching. As he gets his arse played with, horny Ryan eases the meaty bulge out the side of Harley’s shorts and licks the big head. Harley tells him to suck it, and Ryan opens wide to take as much as he can, which is only about halfway. He sucks for a while before Harley grips his head and starts cramming his meat down the lads throat, fucking his face. Harley stands and pulls off Ryan’s top. He then shoves Ryan to his knees for more hot oral. Harley tells him to suck on the foreskin and we get some very horny, close-up foreskin action. As Ryan sucks, Harley gets rougher, fucking mouth and throat, telling him what to do and even making him gag as his eyes water. Seriously hot! Harley gets Ryan on all fours on the floor, showing his pink butthole before spitting into it and giving him a good fingering, then slapping his hard dick on Ryan’s butt cheeks, ready to fuck. Ryan lays on his back and Harley teases his hole with his cock, edging it in a little, making Ryan moan. Then Harley pushes it in, gently, down to the base. Ryan catches his breath and Harley slowly slides in and out of that hot young rugby butt. Gripping Ryan’s ankles and holding his legs apart, Harley fuck harder, stretching his hole with his big girthy cock. He pulls out and pushes back in, fucking until Ryan can’t take anymore. For the next position Ryan leans against the sofa, legs apart. Harley stands behind him, sliding his cock back and forth between Ryan’s butt cheeks, then teases his hole again, before pushing his cock back inside. Gripping Ryan firmly by the waist, Harley starts to fuck, building up a nice sweat, muscles bulging. He leans over, wrapping his big arms around Ryan, who arches back to kiss him as he’s fucked. Then Harley gives him a harder pounding, till he is ready to shoot his load. He pulls out, pulls off the condom, and tells Ryan to suck his dick. Our horny rugby lad gets on his knees, eager to serve his muscle daddy, opening wide as Harley thrusts his meat deep into his mouth. This turns Ryan on so much he jerks off hard, and pretty much right away, his cock spews jizz all over the floor. Harley can’t hold off any longer and he jerks his fat throbbing dick over Ryan’s face, squirting hot spunk over Ryan’s cheeks, chin, chest and into his open mouth. He squeezes out the last few drops onto Ryan’s tongue so he can taste his hot salty daddy spunk.

CAUSA 595 Davis – Part 1

Download or Stream CAUSA 595 Davis - Part 1 - Click Here Now

Davis | 26 | 6’3″ | 165# | 8.0″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Bi-Open and Sexploring

As we continue the month-long celebration of CAUSA’s 14th anniversary, I decided to bring in Davis (Chaturbate’s “Dave Slick“). Beyond his genuine spirit and willingness to allow me to push his boundaries in terms of direct prostate stimulation, there’s also the fact that Davis has the prettiest penis — as I’ve previously mentioned.
Now, I did drag him in while he wasn’t feeling 100% (the Fall allergy season in the Valley of the Sun can be a nightmare), but that didn’t prevent him from one helluva intense sexperience. It was rather fantastical to watch his pretty penis expand and throb when I rested the vibrators directly against his prostate.
And Mr. Riley, I do believe that I created a new CAUSA patented move, the “Joy-Stick Shift,” while re-introducing Davis to his Magic Button — that had him creaming. 🙂
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©
#clubamateurusa #causa #model4causa #caseyblack #rubntug #gaymassage #eroticmassage #sexploreyourcuriosity

Download or Stream CAUSA 595 Davis - Part 1 - Click Here Now

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