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Badpuppy – Tyler and Andro

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24 year old Tyler Underwood makes a return appearance on Badpuppy, but this time in an intensely hot action video with 28 year old ginger stud, Ando Maas. After a very cute interview where they guys simply talk to each other they begin comparing parts of their bodies; but, when Tyler asks Ando to show his cock so they can compare Andro tells him that he has to wait. The teasing piques Tyler’s interest and he goes in for a deep, passionate kiss. Andro reaches for the bulge in Tyler’s pants and then drops to his knees as he pulls Tyler’s pants to his knees. Tyler’s cock is rock hard in his underwear and Andro goes right to sniffing and rubbing Tyler’s package before pulling out his rock hard cock and swallowing it whole. Our two hot ginger studs quickly undress each other, sucking and jerking each other’s cocks before Andro bends Tyler over the sofa, spread his cheeks and then buries his tongue deep into Tyler’s waiting hole. Between the fingers and the tongue, Tyler easily let’s Andro drive his long thick cock deep into his hole; and the pounding begins. And then, we have a total flip-flop. Andro winds up face first on the rug with his legs spread wide on the sofa. Tyler mounts Andro from the top and shove his dick all the way in and definitely gives Andro something very thick to ride. Flipping over on his back Andro jerks his cock as Tyler fucks him even harder. As his nuts tighten he lets loose a load of jizz all over his stomach and chest. Tyler pulls his cock out of Andro, stands up and sprays and equally impressive load of jizz all over Andro.

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CAUSA 579 Fitz – Part 2

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Fitz | 25 | 5’11? | 155# | 7.0? | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight and Sexploring

After almost a year away, Fitz decided to pay us another visit. I went into this shoot expecting him to be on the verge of early orgasm during direct prostate stimulation, and Fitz didn’t disappoint. ??
And I still swear that when Fitz gazes his gorgeous hazel eyes upon you, it’s like he’s staring directly into your soul.
Keep an eye out for Fitz’s full-body shudders when I directly apply the vibrator to his prostate. It’s like watching the “wave” in a stadium. 🙂
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

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Badpuppy – Adam and Robin

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Adam Torres was relaxing on the bed while his buddy; Robin Palmer, was staring out the window. Adam rolls over, spies Robin’s tight little ass and he moves in for the kill. He grabs Robin, pulling him to the bed where Robin begins kissing and licking his way down Adam’s rock hard torso. Robin kisses and tongues the bulge growing in Adam’s underwear. With one last kiss on the lips he rips off Adam’s shorts, quickly gobbling up every inch of his cock. Both waste no time sucking hard at each other’s cocks and balls; quickly winding up in a sixty-nine, with Adam face fucking Robin with his rather lengthy piece of meat. Robin soon rolls over on the bed, throws those heels in the air and Adam rams his cock deep into Robin’s waiting ass. Adam fucks the daylights out of Robin, three different ways before he ends it by spraying his huge load of cum all over Robin’s tongue, face and chest. Adam drops down to help finish off his buddy, sucking the length of Robin’s dick as Robin jerks his cock, spewing his load into Adam’s waiting mouth.

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Bradley King

With his hot body and big cock, fit young East London lad Bradley King is def one to keep an eye on, especially since he describes himself as Straight but Curious! We start off with Bradley telling us how he keeps fit. He has a sexy voice, deep and laddish. Then the solo begins. Bradley rubs the bulge in his shiny shorts, lifting his top to show us his killer abs. He takes his top off, revealing more of his hot body, broad shoulders, hard tattooed biceps and tight pecs. Rubbing oil into his body, he makes his muscles glisten. Very hot! He rubs his bulge some more and it grows to an impressive size. When he grips his cock by the base we see just how big he is. Bradley removes his shorts, giving us a tantalising hint of whats to come as his meat strains against the fabric of his tight white boxers. He then slips them off and his uncut dick springs out, rock solid. He plays with the big 8 incher then reaches for the oil again, rubbing it into his throbbing cock. As Bradley slowly starts to jerk off for us, we get plenty of great shots of him, some from below giving us a very hot view of his big dick and fit body. As he stands over us, he stops playing with his dick to give us a great view of his stiffie in all its glory! Bradley moves to the sofa where he leans back, holds his cock up for us, and jerks off nice and slow, giving us more horny views of that sexy oiled up body and big cock. He keeps it gentle for a bit, not wanting to cum just yet, then speeds up. Jerking off harder now, Bradley’s muscles tighten. His breathing gets heavier. You can hear he is close. And suddenly, he shoots a good and thick load over his chest and shiny bulging six pack. His spunk is thick, forming long sticky strings of white jizz, and as he continues stroking, he keeps cumming. Bradley rubs the last thick drop over the head of his still solid cock and catches his breath.

Drive Thru – Dakota Rivers and Peter Marcus

Hopeful new-hire Peter Marcus sits down with General Manager Dakota Rivers for an interview at the ‘Drive Thru’. As Dakota reviews Peter’s application, he notices he doesn’t have any experience in the food industry. Peter quickly replies, ‘I’m a fast learner and I’m eager to please.’ Dakota wants to see just how eager Peter is. Guiding Peter to his knees, Dakota whips his cock out. Eager for the job, Peter begins to service his potential employer’s fat cock. After checking Peter’s oral skills, Dakota decides to drill his tongue into his bare hole. With Peter’s hole slick with spit, Dakota stuffs his meat into Peter’s man hole. After taking it from behind, Peter hops on the table, legs up, taking hard, powerful thrusts from Dakota. The intense drilling from Dakota’s cock is too much for Peter and he blasts a thick white load onto his furry torso. Boss man Dakota strokes his hefty load onto Peter’s hole. When it’s all said and done, Peter still didn’t get the job!

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