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Posted on July 31, 2018 | in Badpuppy, Gay Porn | by
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Our new producer in Spain brings us a hot, young German stud who goes by the name of Deep. He is 28 years old, goes to university and has always had a desire to get in front of the camera, take his clothes off and put on a little show. After a rather nice interview Deep settles back in his chair, pulls his shirt over his head and focuses on the growing bulge in his shorts. He licks his fingers and begins rubbing his nipples. Soon he unzips his shorts and pushes them to the floor, leaving Deep sitting in his underwear with a rock-hard cock taking up quite a bit of space. He puts his thumbs inside his underwear and slowly slides them down allowing his thick, uncut dick to spring back and whack him on the tummy. He discovers that he’s already pre-cumming and gives it a taste. He takes a little more of the pre-cum and begins massaging his asshole with his fingers. He does not touch his cock while he’s playing with his hole; but, it remains absolutely hard and if you watch close enough you can see the pre-cum dripping from the head of his dick. Deep spreads some more of that pre-cum around his cock as he focuses on jacking himself off. Without warning, as he must have really been worked up, Deep starts squirting load after load of cum all over himself as his body jerks with erotic pleasure.
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