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Derek and Mateo

Posted on May 10, 2019 | in Amateur, Anal, Badpuppy, Blow Jobs, Gay Porn, Masterbation | by
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Today?s hot Badpuppy duo is a real-life couple, Derek Reed and Mateo Rose. They?ve been dating for about a month, and you can tell that their relationship is still fresh and exciting. We learn during the interview that they had sex about 4 hours into their first date, so they definitely have chemistry together. Derek has done some porn before, but this is Mateo?s first time in front of a camera. After the interview, our studs start off with some passionate kissing, as they pull off each other?s shirts. Mateo then stands to remove his sweatpants, and Derek immediately grabs Mateo?s thick uncut cock and starts sucking it. Derek finally removes his own shorts, and goes back to work on Mateo?s Venezuelan sausage. They kiss a little more, then Mateo starts kissing his way down Derek?s chest to his goal? to get a taste of Derek?s already rock-hard cock. Mateo deep-throats Derek, as Derek spits into his hand and reaches around to massage Mateo?s ass-crack and hole. Mateo then positions himself behind Derek, and starts rimming him. Derek is groaning with pleasure as he gets tongue fucked. Derek then grabs some lube, and lubes up his own hole for Mateo? who immediately sticks in a couple of fingers, to start loosening things up a bit. After a few minutes of fingering, Mateo decides that he?s ready for the main event as he stands up and inserts his hard, uncut (and bare) cock into Derek?s willing hole. Mateo starts pounding away? this may be his first time on camera, but he?s definitely had some experience fucking. Mateo then pulls out, and our studs face each other to kiss for a moment. Now it?s Derek?s turn in the pilot?s seat. He gets behind Mateo, spits into his crack, and starts munching away. After a few minutes of rimming Mateo, Derek is ready to fuck? he positions Mateo on his back, lifts his legs in the air, and pulls Mateo closer for perfect access to that beautiful and tight Latino love tunnel. Mateo furiously jacks his own dick, as Derek pounds away. Derek must be hitting the right spot, because Mateo starts to cum and almost shoots himself in the face with his first spurt. Derek fucks the rest of the cum out of Mateo, and then reaches the edge himself as he pulls out, and coats Mateo with hot jizz. Our happy and spent couple share a kiss, as the scene fades to black.
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