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Nick and Robbie

Posted on June 9, 2018 | in Badpuppy, Gay Porn | by
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Robbie Caruso gets some exciting news that Nick Capra is going to be stopping by. Robbie has always had a crush on Nick and as stated at the beginning of the video, he could not wait to be one of Nick’s pups. Robbie is so excited when he first meets Nick and in no time at all Robbie has Nick stripped out of his clothes and his thick, hard cock is bouncing off the back of Robbie’s throat. Nick stands by the bed, motions for Robbie to kneel in front of him and starts face-fucking the hell out of Robbie’s mouth. While Robbie is busy on Nick’s cock, Nicks licks his fingers and begins loosening the hole he intends to shove his cock into. Robbie spins around like an eager little puppy and points his ass to his new daddy. Robbie spreads his ass wide and Nick’s tongue goes to work loosening Robbie’s hole even more. Robbie clenches the sheets and moans very loudly as Nick’s cock spreads his asshole for the first time. Nick goes slow at first; but, is soon pounding Robbie a new one and Robbie is quite vocally begging for more. Nick busts his nut first as he dumps a healthy load of cum all over Robbie’s cock and stomach. Robbie scoops up some of Nick’s cum and continues stroking his own rock-hard cock. When Robbie begins jizzing, he starts spraying semen all over the place and he just seems to keep cumming and cumming and cumming.
Download or Stream Nick and Robbie - Click Here Now

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