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Teddy Torres

Posted on September 24, 2019 | in Amateur, Anal, Badpuppy, Blow Jobs, Gay Porn, Masterbation | by
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27-year-old Latino hunk Teddy Torres is originally from France, and is currently living in Montreal. His French accent is really sexy, and he immediately comes across as someone that you'd like to know... very warm, and friendly. And if you like hunky, hairy guys, this man will definitely do it for you... he just oozes testosterone. After a short interview, Teddy gets down to business. He removes his shirt, revealing a beautifully built torso covered in dark fur. His left nipple is pierced, and he is wearing a silver nipple ring. He also has an interesting tattoo on his left leg, but our attention is quickly drawn north to the growing bulge in his shorts as he massages his man-meat through the denim. Finally, he unzips his shorts and his already hard uncut cock springs free to attention. Teddy caresses his meat for a couple of minutes, lubing it up with some spit. He stands up to fully remove his shorts, and starts jacking off while tweaking his nipples. He then gets back on the couch, in a kneeling position facing us, and continues to stroke his rock-hard sausage for a few minutes. He turns around and kneels on the couch in the other direction, bending over and giving us a perfect view of his hairy ass while continuing to stroke his cock between his legs. He then turns around again and lays back on the couch, legs spread wide, and really goes to work on getting to the finish line. After a few more minutes of serious stroking, you can tell that Teddy is getting close... his nuts draw up tight, almost disappearing inside him. Then, as his breath gets shorter and his groans increase, he shoots a huge load of creamy jizz all over his furry stomach. He slides his foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick, squeezing out every last drop of love juice. He licks some of the cream off of his fingers, and then rubs the remaining cum into his belly hair. He has a quick post-jackoff chat with the cameraman, while still hard as steel and still playing with his cock. With a satisfied look on his face, he puts his hands behind his head and stretches back on the couch, as the camera fades to black. I think we need to find a cute twink for Teddy to come back and play with sometime... oui? :)
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